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    image from the Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Baroque period

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    Use either the textbook and/or online sources to locate three pieces of religious art. All three pieces should be dealing with the same subject â?" for example, the crucifixion, mother and child, or the Last Supper.

    Capture an image from the Early Renaissance period, one from the High Renaissance period, and one from the Baroque period. Place these images in a Word document. Then do the following:

    Identify each image by name, artist, location, and medium. Offer a citation for each image.
    After examining the art very carefully, point out with specific information how the art remained the same and how it changed appreciably during the time span in question. Be sure to note such things as general appearance of the figures, their body types, their clothing, colors, etc.
    Offer logical explanations for why there were changes in the way religious art was portrayed over this span of time. Also comment on why religious art continued to have such an important place in the artistic world.

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    Ok, I'll provide some brief information about each period as well as famous artists that will help guide you to what you need to accomplish. I'll also give you some great internet sources that will give you images and historical content as well.

    The Renaissance:
    The Renaissance began roughly 1400 AD in Italy (and moved to other areas following). The era lasted until about 1600 in Italy, around 1800 in other countries.


    "The early Renaissance in Italy was essentially an experimental period characterized by the styles of individual artists rather than by any all-encompassing stylistic trend as in the High Renaissance or Mannerism.
    To heighten the illusion of a painting as a window on the world, the Italian artists of the early 15th century turned to a study of the effects of light in nature and how to represent ...

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    This solution summarizes art images from the Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, and Baroque period with references.