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Renaissance Art

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This posting offers a short overview about the Italian Renaissance. It gives a brief description of Italian Renaissance art. Talk Generally, what does the Italian Renaissance style of art look like? What influenced it, and how does it differ from art of the Middle Ages? What are common features to each genre? Talk about one specific painting, one specific sculpture, and one specific building and how each is representative of the Italian Renaissance. Remember to mention the artists of each piece.

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As you create your 3-4 paragraphs, first you might give a brief description of Italian Renaissance art. Since your audience is lower in terms of age, I tried to give you ideas with easier vocabulary:

First, you might teach the kids that the Renaissance was a period of renewal or artistic rebirth. It was a time of lots of creative and intellectual activities. Unlike the Middle Ages when there were many rules for artists, this time period allowed more freedom to try news things and connect science, the natural world, anatomy and perspective into art.

Again, this "rebirth" of art in Italy connected with the rediscovery of many ancient areas of study such as philosophy, literature, Artists also were aware and used ...

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Renaissance art in Italy is briefly examined.

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Renaissance Art: its distinguishment from the Medieval period, as well as its evolution. Includes examples from the Italian Renaissance and European Renaissance.

First briefly explain what primarily distinguishes Renaissance art in general from the prior Medieval period. Then, trace the evolution and development of art through the periods of the Early Renaissance to the High Renaissance. Compare and contrast the work of an Italian Renaissance artist with a work done by a northern European Renaissance artist. Include a discussion of the different concerns and heritages of the Italian and Northern Renaissance artists and how these resulted in different characteristics in the art work of each region. Please use specific examples of art in your response.

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