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    Marketing and promotions: JK Rowling and Harry Potter

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    Familiar yourselves with the Promotions and Products links and answer the following questions:

    What types of merchandise is Warner Brothers selling as part of its merchandising strategy?
    What channel(s) of distribution is (are) being promoted here to purchase this merchandise?
    How does author JK Rowling's control over the licensing affect the merchandise?

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    Warner Brothers is an exclusive licensed theatrical motion pictures, animations, television, video and DVD producer and merchandiser. The company is a major supplier of entertainment to the world by producing videos, television programs, and movies that can be seen in more than 100 countries. Warner Bros. merged with Time, Inc., and then AOL which dramatically strengthened its distribution system. Warner Brothers is basically using the product line based primarily on its venerable Looney Tunes lineup with DC Comics characters for its sales purposes.

    Warner Bros either fully finances or co-finances the films it produces and maintains worldwide distribution rights or it ...

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    "The Company's products are marketed through multiple channels of distribution, including mass retailers and specialty and hobby wholesalers and small retailers. Warner Brothers has multiple distribution-only agreements with Franchise Pictures and Alcon Entertainment."