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Importance of Word of mouth marketing

Explain the importance of word of mouth marketing. Briefly describe some of the channels that customers use to spread word of mouth.

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Word of mouth communication may be beneficial in following ways:
1.) It is more convincing because consumers talk to other consumers about their satisfaction from the product used (Kotler, 2004: 575).
2.) Word of mouth communication is a communication tool which costs less (Kotler, 2004: 575).
3.) Less selling efforts are required by the organization as is evident from the fact that Apple i-phone 4S as had become so popular even before the launch that the company decided to sell it online only and not through retail initially so as to ensure the safety of its employees (McDonald, 2012: 13 January).
4.) Building Trust in the brand (Smiciklas, 2011: May 11).
5.) Word of mouth travels very fast - has a viral capacity to spread (Smiciklas, 2011: May 11).
6.) It builds emotional bonding with the product as has been done ...

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The solution has two parts. The first part explains the role and importance of word of mouth marketing and the second part explains briefly some of the channels that the customers can use to spread word of mouth about a company's products and services.