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Organizational Behavior ( Positive Influence)

I am creating a plan to increase a team's motivation, satisfaction and performance. What would be some examples, that can do the job for teammates who personalities are as follow:

Teammember 1= Disc personality Dominance , this teammember values the following :Terminal values:
- Knowledge and Wisdom
- Prosperity; wealth
- Pride in accomplishment
- Happiness: satisfaction in life
- Lasting friendships

Instrumental Values
- Hard work and achievement
- Education and intellectual pursuits
- Dependability; being counted upon by others
- Being helpful or caring towards others
- Obedience: following the wishes of others

Teamember 2, 3 and 4 : Interactive styles in the DISC assestment. Some of these teammbers are satisfied with their job, are motivated by growth and have the ability to perceive, evaluate, express, regulate emotions, and feelings.

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Since motivation varies from person to person and your group seems to be varied, the plans should be broader. The first is to set both long term and short term goals. These should be on an individual and team basis. The individual goals should be set to achieve team success, which helps the first team member with his issues of being needed and a leadership role, and the others who live to grow and be ...

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Organizational behavior for position influence is examined.