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    Motivation, satisfaction, and performance in the workplace.

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    Individually complete the three self-assessments. Then meet with your learning team to discuss whatever results you feel comfortable sharing. Imagine that your learning team has been assigned a large project. Based on what you learned about yourself and your team members through discussion, prepare a plan that would increase the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of your team that can be applied in a business setting. Be sure to address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values that were discovered through your collaboration, as well as how each difference influences behavior. How can those differences be effectively implemented in the plan to influence the team positively?

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    Obviously, I am not sure what you and your team have discussed, therefore, I have provided general information for you.

    To increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance in a team:
    a. Have team meetings on a consistent basis to discuss what is positive with the team and what is negative
    b. Encourage open communication
    c. Have team outings, if possible, to encourage team members to get to know one another outside of work so that they can build team unity.
    d. Offer rewards for teams that perform up to par.
    e. Recognize the team or team members for the efforts that ...

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