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    Yerkes-Dodson's Views on Stress in the Work Place

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    Yerkes-Dodson says a certain level of stress is needed in the workplace in order to produce high levels of performance. Except for people having different optimum levels of performance are there any other problems with putting it into practice?

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    There are two kinds of stress to consider, the first is good, the second is bad. Eustress means, "good or true stress." This is the good kind of stress that drives us on in life. Eustress empowers persistence and perseverance. It leads to accomplishment. It is at the root of most of what we actually accomplish in life. On the other hand, distress means "bad stress." Distress is counterproductive to "performance" or accomplishment. Distress leads to ill health, depression, confusion, etc.

    I prefer the word "accomplishment" rather than ...

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    In order to fully address this question, we need to understand that not all forms of stress are equal. Therefore, in this solution, we provide an understanding that covers the broad spectrum of stress in addition to distinguishing between performance and accomplishment.