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Five Personality Characteristics and Employee Behavior

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Describe five personality characteristics needed to understand employee behavior.
Describe three theories of motivation that impact job satisfaction.
Considering yourself as a supervisor, describe how the application of survey findings on personality characteristics and theories of motivation impact job satisfaction of employees. Discuss the strategies you would use to motivate your employees as a supervisor.

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Five personality characteristics and employees behaviors are determined.

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It is essential for organizations to understand the personality of its employees to manage them effectively. It helps organizations in placing right people for right jobs and tasks. Personality refers to some qualities, characteristics, skills and competencies of individuals along with certain other traits like grooming and attitude.

Personality includes numerous characteristics or traits. We will discuss five most important types of personality traits that affect the employee behavior. These are as follows:

1. Openness - the degree to which a person is creative, natural, curious, intellectual and open to new things and ideas. People high in openness are motivated to learn new skills, seek information, build quick relationships and be open to quicker adjustments in organizations. They are highly adaptable to change.
2. Conscientiousness - the degree to which a person is organized, systematic, punctual, achievement-oriented, and dependable. It predicts the level of performance of persons across a variety of occupations and jobs. It is also related to career success and career satisfaction over time.
3. Extraversion - the degree to which a person is sociable, extrovert, outgoing, and talkative. People with this trait demonstrate inspirational leadership behaviors and are effective in jobs involving sales. They make quicker adjustments with the surroundings and actively seek information and feedback and build effective relationships.
4. Agreeableness - the degree to which a ...

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