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Traits and Characteristics in Personality Development

What are traits and characteristics? What role do they play in an individual's personality development?

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A trait is a basic element of a person's personality that is not widely considered to be notably changeable and is displayed consistently over time and under various circumstances. A characteristic describes the various types of behaviors that someone engages in when they have a specific trait (4).

One theoretical trait model that has been used to assess personality traits is called the Big Five Model (OCEAN) (Costa & McCrae, 1985. The Big Five Model suggested that the most common traits could be explained along five dimensions, which are (1):

Openness: Being open to new experiences, imaginative, witty, and artistic.

Conscientiousness: Cautious, dependable, responsible, dependable, organized; however, ...

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This solution discusses the meaning of traits and characteristics, the big five OCEAN trait model, and the role traits and personality in a person's development of personality.