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Donald Trump's Personality

A. Competitive Achievement Striving
B. Aggressiveness and Hostility

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Theorist opinion of Donald Trump Traits
A. Competitive Achievement Striving
B. Aggressiveness and Hostility

In general, like the two mentioned above, personality traits are a set of categories that are used for describing, remembering and communicating characteristics of people. Trait characteristics lead people to behave in more or less distinctive and consistent ways across situations.

Specific Traits of Entrepreneurs

According to Zahorsky (n.d), however, there are nine suggested personality types of entrepreneurs, and Donald Trump fits best into the following category (see http://sbinformation.about.com/cs/development/a/personality.htm).

E.g. The Superstar:
Here the business is centered around the charisma and high energy of the Superstar CEO. This personality often will cause you to build your business around your own personal ...

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This solution analyzes Donald Trump's personality on two theoretical concepts: competitive achievement striving and aggressiveness and hostility.