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    Leadership Styles

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    Choose one well-known business leader (such as GE's Jack Welch, Chrysler's Lee Lacocca, IBM's Lou Gerstner, and so on.) to research on the Internet. Identify three of their qualities, characteristics, or behaviors that appeal to you personally. Justify why these characteristics make them good leaders in terms of how they influence the effectiveness of the others in the company and of the company as a whole. Identify which of these three character traits is the most important to their success as a leader.

    Choose another such quality that is commonly attributed to your chosen business leader and explain why you believe it is less important than the one you chose to be most important. (Please note that "of lesser importance" doesn't imply unimportance.)

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    Hello there. I have compiled some research here that should help you on the paper. Let's use Donald Trump as the business leader.

    First, let's consider the things that make Donald Trump an entrepreneur.

    Real Estate know-how
    In the early 1970s, Trump turned his interests toward commercial real estate development. New York City was offering sizable tax breaks to willing investors so Trump used this dealmaking skills to secure loans with little to no collateral. He built an empire in real estate and entertainment, and became a celebrity in the process.

    Source: http://entrepreneurs.about.com/od/famousentrepreneurs/p/donaldtrump.htm

    Trump has founded his own airline, although it went bankrupt a couple of decades ago.

    Trump is host and producer of NBC's reality TV show "The ...

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