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    Leadership Styles and the Impact/Role of Followers

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    In studying leadership, one primary focus is the impact on and by followers. The three styles of leadership are participative, delegation, and empowerment. Each of these styles has a significant effect on followers.


    1) Explain how each of these three styles impacts followers in an organization.
    2) Provide a description of participative leadership, delegation, and empowerment.
    3)Compare and contrast each of these styles by stating their advantages and disadvantages.
    4) Identify the appropriate circumstances for using each style by providing one example for each.
    5) Correlate the engagement of each style with the effect on the follower.
    6) Ascertain the role that the follower plays for leader effectiveness when exposed to each of these three styles.

    Thank you.

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    // In order to start such a paper, one must consider the overall impact of leadership. There are various styles of leadership that have been adopted in different Organizations. It is important to pay equal emphasis on each leadership style. Firstly, one must explain the impact of the leadership styles in a short introduction. Like this. //

    Impact of Leadership Styles on Followers

    Participative technique is highly motivating. It motivates followers as they feel important when their thoughts are considered in decision making. In the delegation leadership style, followers are able to develop their independent personality (Leadership Styles, 2008). Employees get freedom for work and they have the decision making power. The autocratic leadership is exactly opposite of Delegation style. Decision making is centralized and followers remain uninformed to the situation.

    // Above we mentioned in brief, the impact of leadership style on followers. Now, we'll proceed with discussing the different kinds of leadership in brief. //

    Participative Leadership

    This style of leadership is considered to be most effective. Participative leaders give guidelines to follow and they also take part in groups. Leaders promote and encourage participation from the group but the final decision making power remains with them. Due to this, members feel engaged with the team and develop high morale (Wagner, 2008).

    Delegation Leadership ...

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    This solution discusses the overall impact of leadership, defines each of te three leadership styles, and discusses advantages, disadvantages, circumstances and the role of the follower. This solution is 654 words with three APA references.