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    Good Leadership Styles

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    Discuss each of the following characteristics as they relate to quality leadership:
    - Balanced commitment
    - Positive role model
    - Communication skills
    - Positive influence
    - Persuasiveness

    Analyze and explain which of these characteristics will be the most difficult to achieve for good leadership. Support your rationale with research and your experience.

    Select any two of the following leadership styles and compare them in terms of effectiveness:
    - Participative
    - Goal oriented
    - Situational

    Explain how leaders can (and should) influence the results of efforts to improve quality and explain how the leaders can be impacted by those efforts.

    - If you have to develop your personal distinct style of leadership, describe which attribute you would inculcate in your behavior. Support your rationale with an example situation in which that attribute would be highly effective.

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    Discuss each of the following characteristics as they relate to quality leadership:

    - Balanced commitment: Good leaders must possess this skill, and a good example of this is with some women who juggle leading roles while supporting commitment to a family full-time. In fact, Pepperdine University says, "Women have historically served multiple roles. Currently, women perform 66% of the world's work, produce half of the world's food, and invest 90% of their income back into their families."
    > http://gsep.pepperdine.edu/women-in-leadership/about/

    - Positive role model: Quality leadership is based on being a positive role model for followers at any scale regardless if one is in a high position of royalty, celebrity, government, or any other. A good example of this is with the life story of Quatez Scott, an Eastern Michigan University graduate student. See: http://www.emich.edu/univcomm/releases/release.php?id=1390417379

    - Communication skills: Speaking, writing, and listening skills are probably the most vital for a leader since our role is to guide or communicate ways and information to followers. President Obama and upcoming candidate, Andrew Basaigo come to mind as examples of good orators.

    - Positive influence: Good influence, motivation, and positive energy tend to be trademarks of quality leadership. However, negative influence can also be a contrasting trait of leaders who have different kinds of followers. It all depends on who's leading, following; and why or for what reason.

    - Persuasiveness: Being persuasive is related to having good communication skills. Persuasivity itself seems to be a natural trait exuded by a leader to specific types of followers. How can anyone convince someone to do or think anything unless the followers had a sincere interest in the leader. Otherwise, such ...

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