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Leadership styles to progress from a manager to a leader

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As someone progresses up the corporate or business ladder, how would one use their primary leadership style of Facilitating, Coaching, Delegating, Directing (as well as the other styles) to move from being a manager in charge of day-to-day operations to becomming a leader? Use specific examples of the skills and behaviors that are needed. Include references

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//Leadership is defined as the process that influences others and helps in the achievement of organizational goals. Leadership style is different for every manager and thus, it is essential for managers in charge to adopt different leadership styles for day to day operations in order to become effective leaders. The leadership style, which is essential for a manager to become a leader, is related to facilitating, coaching, delegating and directing subordinates and the same is the focus of discussion in following section. //


Leadership can be defined as a process that is possessed by the managers in order to motivate and influence others so that both the leaders and the followers can jointly achieve the desired goals. The concept of leadership can be followed in situations like conflicts or competition (Burns, 2012). Different leadership styles are followed by different managers in order to influence their followers as well as accomplish the organizations goals. In contemporary organizations, where the impact of globalization is more, it is important for managers to adopt leadership styles that incorporate the ideology of facilitating, coaching, delegating and directing the followers.

Primary leadership style of Facilitating and Coaching:

In order to become an effective leader, it is important for a manager of day to day operations to adopt primary leadership style of facilitating and coaching the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 842 words with references.

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