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Leadership Styles in a Correctional Environment

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What are the benefits and drawbacks of varying leadership styles within a correctional environment?

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Short Paper

What are the benefits and drawbacks of varying leadership styles within a correctional environment? Have to include this into a the short paper that I am doing

Here are 5 different types of leadership styles that exist within various work environments. As with anything in an organizational structure, particularly leadership, there are advantages and disadvantages in all leadership styles.

Laissez-Faire - A leader who exhibits this type of leadership style has very little direct contact with employees they do not supervise or control anyone under his or her immediate control. The advantage of this leadership style, which is slight, is that they are not hindering those highly experienced employees progress through the completion of ...

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The solution provides brief descriptions of 5 leadership styles, and a description of the advantages and disadvantages for each style.

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