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    Utilizing Differing Management Styles in Corrections

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    You are part of a team made up of the warden and assistant wardens of a medium to large close-security prison. You know inmates tend to riot or have sit-ins over the subject of food and medical care. You have been receiving information from your correctional officers that the inmates are starting to complain about the food. The chicken is not thoroughly cooked, the food is bland, and several inmates who have dietary restrictions are having problems with the kitchen staff. You want to stop things before they escalate into a full-blown problem. You are to consider this problem from the perspective of 3 management styles and give a solution to the problem in each style.

    Authoritarian style
    Democratic style
    Laissez-faire style

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    Utilizing an authoritarian style of management in this situation, the warden would simply direct that the kitchen supervisors ensure that all of the food is thoroughly cooked, and that they will be reprimanded for any additional food issues. The inmates will be notified of the warden's directives and response to the food ...

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    This solution discusses the benefits of utilizing different management styles in correctional facilities.