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    Differing management styles in criminal justice

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    Describe in 4-5 paragraphs -the three styles of management - scientific management,
    human relations ,and systems management

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    Scientific management is the style of management in which there is a focus upon continuously increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes and procedures, as well as to increase the productivity of the workers within a given organization. Scientific management is also a means whereby organizational leadership can analyze the present operational efficiency of the organization's work processes and procedures, in order to ascertain what would be the most effective means by which to improve these processes and procedures. One of the hallmarks of scientific management is finding the means by which to reduce and/or eliminate wasteful activities and processes, as well as to ascertain what the most efficient and effective processes or ...

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    This solution of 453 words describes differing management styles in criminal justice such as scientific, human relations and systems management.