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Using Cost-Per-QALY Rankings in Healthcare Decisions

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Would you advocate the use of cost-per-QALY league tables to inform healthcare decision making? Justify your answer.

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The cost per quality adjusted life year league tables are not an effective and efficient means by which to make informed healthcare decisions in most cases. This is due to the fact that these tables have been found to be inaccurate in helping individuals to ascertain the quality and value of healthcare products, technology, and or services, in proportion to the money that is spent on these goods and services. One of the primary reasons that these types of tables are not totally effective at informing healthcare decision-making in a valid and reliable manner, is due to the fact that the comparisons that have been made between different healthcare goods and or technologies utilizing these tables, have not been equitable and fair in many cases. This leads to a situation in which there is a lopsided effect in the comparison of the value of differing technologies and or services, due to the fact that ...

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