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    Path-Goal Theory and Normative Decision Theory

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    - Analyze your current (or desired) employer to determine the likely characteristics of the most successful leader within that organization. Explain how the characteristics you choose would be most appropriate for the organizational environment.
    - Compare and contrast Path-Goal Theory and Normative Decision Theory with a focus on which you believe leads to the most effective organizational leadership. Provide specific examples to support your response

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    The likely characteristics of the most successful leader within the organization in which I am currently employed would include a great deal of knowledge and wisdom of human nature. This is due to the fact that a leader within this correctional facility would have to have a keen understanding of human nature in order to be able to ascertain the most effective means by which to keep inmates under control in the most efficient method possible. The most successful leader within this organization would also need to have the characteristic of being empathetic and respectful towards staff members within this organization. This ...