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The development of identity in different cultures

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Describe two personality traits that are universal.

Describe two personality traits that are culture specific.

Give a description of two universal and two culture-specific personality traits.

Pick two different cultures and then analyze how the culture-specific traits develop differently in the two cultures.

Please include references.

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Identity and Personality:

It is paramount to note that all the humans have meaning in what they value. This is what constitutes the personality of an individual since it shows the characters that shape the person. The self- identity of an individual is marked by the modes and the experiences they went through as they grew up. This gives the implication that the culture of an individual affects how they develop their identity. Through the norms and values that are instilled in an individual as they grow up, their personalities are shaped (Psychology 101, 2003).

The Influence of Culture on personality Development:

The culture that one is raised in affects their general self-identity. This is based on the fact that the values that they hold are shaped by cultural norms and believes that have been instilled in them. The external stimulus from the surrounding will at the end have an impact on the personality of the person as well as their identity. As a person grows, the qualities and the characters that shape the unique ...

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