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    Compare and Contrast Sampling and Norm

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    A.) Compare and Contrast Sampling and Norm

    B) Define Bicultural Conflict and Gender Identity while addressing the fundamental problems encountered by researchers during the implementation of these variables cross-culturally while pointing out their significance in understanding cultural differences.

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    Sampling and norm comparison and contrast:

    Cultural differences existing between different groups has facilitated the use of multicultural and traditional research methodologies which are employed during the exploration of the cross cultural research that uses various variables with a purpose of gaining insight from the different group perspectives.

    There are several similarities and differences which exist between sampling and norms techniques employed in research methodology. According to Lord (1959), percentiles and ranks are the sample statistics which are employed with an aim of making inferences about a norm population and in turn drawing a norm sample. During such incidents norms selection and subsequent statistical treatment are considered as important activities since they play part in minimizing any inevitable errors which may be available within published norms tables.

    Sampling involves the act of gathering units from an identified target population with an aim of generalizing the obtained results back to the identified population where the sample was obtained from. Quantitative models form a basis for some types of sampling. Considering the case of tests which is offered to students in schools and colleges, problems which are associated to methods of optimal sampling and optimal statistical procedures are considered to be complicated while in the case of published norms, a table is known to provide a representation of the group of students. The norms are considered to be the sampling unit of drawing the tables.

    Sampling is not considered as too expensive or time consuming such as in the case of norms since it only requires ...

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