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Working Conditions at Foxconn

•Employees at Foxconn factories described in the e-Activity worked more hours than allowed under Chinese labor laws. Yet the violation of these standards is widespread in manufacturing and the demanding treatment of workers is commonly accepted. Compare and contrast the ethos of Foxconn with the basic tenets of ethical relativism. Assess the degree to which companies like Apple might be affected by such ethical relativism in the countries in which their suppliers operate.

•Workers' rights advocates and many consumers find Foxconn's treatment of employees as noted in the e-Activity to be intuitively wrong. In order to support this moral judgment, it must be informed by an argument containing a moral principle. Suggest one moral principle that could support the moral judgment that the treatment of factory workers at Foxconn is ethically permissible. Speculate on a possible challenge that one could make to this moral principle, and outline a response to that challenge.

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The ethos of Foxconn is comparative to the tenant of ethical relativism due to the fact that the norm or social norm of working manufacturing staff longer hours than allowed under labor law, and other types of demanding treatment of these workers is accepted as the unwritten rule in manufacturing. This makes the ethos of this organization viewed as right and proper due to the fact that it coincides with the prevailing norm, ...