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Sampling Methods and Statistical Techniques

Compare and contrast three different sampling methods. Please focus on statistical techniques.

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Statisticians employ different procedures in choosing the observations that will constitute their random samples of the population. The objective of these procedures is to select samples that will be representative of the population from where they originate. These samples, also known as random samples, will have the property that each sample has the same probability of being drawn from the population as another sample.

Simple random sampling is the process of selecting a random sample from a finite or infinite population. For an infinite population, the sample is random if each of the n observations correspond to n independent random variables, i.e., each observations is selected independently of the others. Oftentimes, the size of a population under study is large enough so that the ...

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This solution of 495 words looks at three different sampling methods of simple random sampling, systematic sampling and stratifies random sampling and gives an examples of each.