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    Statistical analysis

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    1.) Generally, under what circumstances is statistical sampling useful? Describe a situation, preferably related to your work, where statistical sampling might be useful and in general terms how you would do it.

    2.) Discuss what you consider to be the relevant aspects of describing data. Explain and tell why.

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    // In this paper, we will study about the concepts of 'Statistical Sampling'. It is concerned with the study of populations by gathering information and analyzing the same. We will also try to analyze it its use in certain specific conditions. //

    Statistical sampling

    Statistical sampling is a collection of techniques, which are used to collect the data from a sample size. It enables a researcher to reach to the results of the research. The utility of this technique can be seen at several places. It is best suitable for those studies or researches, which require quantitative data because statistical sampling is based on different quantitative statistics. It is also useful for the researches that need to be completed in short ...

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