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Identity and Personality

Identify one individualistic culture and one collectivistic culture.

Think about how children are raised in these two cultures and how their upbringing affects their identity.

Consider different aspects of identity development.

Give a description of how the development of a child's identity might be different depending on the culture in which they are raised. Provide specific examples from the two cultures you considered and references.

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Identity and Personality:

The unique identification of the characteristics of a person through time is known as self identity. This is marked by the features and personality traits that define who the person is in the social realm. The culture that one is raised in affects their general self-identity. This is based on the fact that the values that they hold are shaped by cultural norms and believes that have been instilled in them. The external stimulus from the surrounding will at the end have an impact on the personality of the person as well as their identity (Stryker, n.d).

Comparison in Identity Development in Two Cultures:

All cultures in the world hold their set of guiding values and norms. It is these values and norms that define the personality of the people form the culture groups. There are two categories of cultures; the individualistic culture and the collectivistic cultures. In the individualist culture the ties that are in existence between the people in the society are lose. An individualistic culture is a culture group that ...

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The expert identifies one individualistic culture and one collectivistic culture.