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    Discussion of the multicultural man

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    "A multicultural man is a radically different sort of human being. His rise is a significant phenomenon because it represents a new psycho cultural style of self process."

    How is the multicultural man different?

    What traits distinguish his style of personality from the traditional structure of cultural identity?

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    In 1977 the term 'multicultural man' was coined by Peter Adler. In his article Adler described the multicultural man as "a man with self-consciousness especially suited to working across cultures". Supposedly these individuals are committed to human unity and with essentially "homeless" self-identity (according to the work of Milton Bennett, in 1979). In an empirical study of 300 multicultural individuals, Sparrow (2000) found a strong sense of marginality and detachment among multicultural men1.
    This is in-step with Adler's original theory, in that the multicultural men experienced need for connection to humanity or larger society. Bennett (1979) and George Kelly (1955):

    the creative capacity of the living thing to ...

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