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Does a teacher's culture and gender impact student learning?

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How do you believe your own culture and gender influence your teaching and learning? Do you believe your gender served as an advantage or a disadvantage in your own academic experience? How about your culture? Explain how you will account for the ways in which gender may affect your students' learning. How will you adapt your teaching so that your classroom will be a good fit for students from all backgrounds?

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NOTE: I am answering this question in the first person. I do not know what your gender or culture is and you will need to modify these ideas to fit your personal gender and culture. However, my comments should give you some good ideas that you can use in your own answer.

Culture and Gender

How you believe your own culture and gender influence your teaching and learning.

I am a man and was born and raised in Brazil. My parents are Americans and I grew up speaking Portuguese and English and learning about both cultures simultaneously. This early exposure to multiple cultures gave me a great appreciation for the way different people make decisions, decide what values to adopt, view life's fundamental questions and seek to solve problems. I believe that my culture ...

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This solution examines the impact of a teacher's culture and gender on the teaching and learning that occurs in his/her classroom. This solution is answered in the first person from my experience as a classroom teacher for over 12 years. Over 500 words of original text.

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