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Sociological issues in education.

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For this paper, address at least seven (7) of the sociological issues from the list below. At least one issue should relate to student diversity in schools and at least one issue should relate to family and school. Describe each issue, explain the reason(s) each issue poses a problem or concern, and discuss the implications for improving each issue. Provide support for the ideas presented using the course text and at least two professional journal articles found at the online library. Provide support for your assertions using a minimum of 4-5 scholarly resources.

* Do teachers like teaching
* Different ways of learning
* Is gender a learning style?
* Exceptional and gifted and talented learners
* Student diversity
* Social challenges come to school
* Multicultural history of education
* Philosophy of Education
* Financing and governing American schools
* Student life in school and at home
* Curriculum standards and testing
* The pedagogical cycle
* Today's classroom

(To help you get started, an example of one sociological issue could be "tracking". In order to ensure that you address everything that is asked of you, you may want to organize the paper by selecting your 7 issues, and then put subheadings below each one to keep you on task with addressing the description and the implications for improving it.)

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Discussion of, and recommendations for, various sociological issues in education.

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Your assignment specifies that you support your reasoning using at least 5 scholarly references, but you did not specify which system of citation formatting that you are asked to use for this class, and there are differences in the various systems that are commonly in use. I will cite in APA, 5th edition. The 6th edition has been out for some months, and some schools are already using it. If what I will use is not what you are expected to use, please edit my citations to be sure you are in compliance with your class requirements. Also, your assignment specifies that your reasoning support be in line with the textbook you are using for this specific course, but your posting did not specify what textbook that is. In light of that omission, please double check that the suggestions I will make here are, indeed, in line with what your textbook has to assert, and edit my suggestions to match the textbook, or substitute another idea in place of any suggestion I make in this solution that disagrees with the content of your course text.

Next, your assignment instructions suggest that you format your paper using subheadings under the 7 issues you choose to discuss, to help you organize your response and be sure that you answer each part of the assignment. I would strongly recommend that you do just that, since that approach may also help your teacher keep track of what parts you have clearly answered, and may help improve your score on this assignment, since it helps the teacher check off what you have done, and credit you with having completed all the parts that were required.

APA requires that the paper be double spaced. Using MS Word, click on FORMAT, and then PARAGRAPH, and set the line spacing to double. I would suggest an introductory paragraph, which sets forth for the reader what the paper will be about, and what they can expect to discover while they read it. Sometimes this is called your "thesis statement," but it really is a purpose statement about the contents of the paper to come. Yours might read:

Education today is a complicated institution. Many people are involved in today's education environment, and they all help to shape what education is, in this modern age. Each person who is an education stakeholder brings their own issues, and solutions, to the environment. This paper will discuss some of modern education's issues, and some possible solutions for those issues.

Next, begin the body of your paper with a listing of your first chosen issue. There are thirteen issues listed in ...

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