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Development Issues in LDCs

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On the sociology of development (using sociological terms, concepts and issues) and relate it to some of LDC issues.

(a) Take a specific issue/topic in sociology of development.

(b) Apply the sociological concepts and/or theories to explain the topic/issue.

(c) Give at least two examples of your own.

(h) quality and application of sociological concepts you use.

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LDC Developmental Issues

LDCs or Least Developed Countries fall under the UN's economic and social development rating presenting the lowest human development index globally. According to the UN, the following criteria are met:
1. Low income (less than $905 GNI per capita for 3 years straight);
2. Weak human development (low or non-existent nutrition, health, literacy & education indicators);
3. Vulnerable economically (unstable agricultural practices, displaced & disenfranchised populace, unstable manufacturing of goods and services, etc.).
A number of African, Asian, Micronesian and Caribbean countries all under these criteria and the issues faced by these countries internally deter them from providing the best possible opportunities and social development for their citizens.

One of the main issues in the topic of sociological ...

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The solution provides insight, advise and information in tackling the task (see above) of relating some ideas from the sociology of development to issues confronting LDCs (Least Developed Countries). In this particular solution, a health and sociocultural issue (FGM) is explored using sociological concepts. References are listed for further exploration of the topic.