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Self-Determination and Transition Planning

Read Wehmeyer's (2002) article Self-Determination and the Education of Students with Disabilities (

What is your understanding of self-determination and the role it can play in the life of a student with a disability? What can you do, as a teacher, to promote self-determination in school? Based on the readings, your experience, and your opinion, how can increased self-determination skills impact transition planning? How does collaboration fit into transition planning for a student?

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After reading the self determination article I come to the understanding that self determination is a position or state of mind that teachers attempt to develop in students with special needs towards. Teaching self-determination has a foundation in a teacher's mindset about the capacity of each learner and their individual success.

The role that self determination plays in the life of a student with a disability is independence. It requires challenging the preconceptions regarding students with limited abilities. As a teacher the greatest barrier to learning is often not what the student knows, but what the teacher ...

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