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Business Management and Leadership-Organizing

Task: Pretend that you have been asked to redesign the business structure of a particular division in the company you are working for. Discuss your vision of the new organizational structure for your division including how you would realign individuals, tasks, processes and functions. Include steps to manage the transition from the old organizational structure to the new one. Include new policies that you would implement that should begin right away to facilitate the change to the new organizational structure.

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First, we need to understand the individuals, tasks, processes, and functions in our division. We can see that change will affect the self, the team, and the wider system that surrounds the team, whereby the learning needs to be facilitated on all three levels in order for the change to become sustainable.

In order for the transition to go smoothly, we need to create a critical mass of people who ...

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In about 250 words, this solution is comprised of a detailed explanation which analyzes some steps which need to be taken when redesigning a particular division in a business.