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Effects of stereotyping in organizations on a career

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Stereotyping is a behavior that is prevalent in organizations and ,when present, it adversely impacts the career experiences of members of the stereotyped groups. I would like for someone to discuss this proposition giving their views on the subject and possibly an example or two. Discussion should be no more than a half page to three quaters in length.

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The solution defines what stereotyping is and gives examples of how it can be negative and or positive within an organization. The text contains 499 words.

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If I understand you well, you need to sustain the affirmation that stereotyping is frequent in multicultural organizations and it has negative impacts on the people upon which it reflects.

You first need to understand clearly what the definition of a stereotype is, how it appears and what its functions are. I will stick to a very simple definition of the term and suggest that you use more elaborated versions (you can find a very good definition in the Encyclopedia of Sociology or the Oxford Dictionary of Sociology). In simple words, a stereotype is a preconceived idea/opinion on somebody or something, based upon a broad generalization. As sociologists we do know that inserted in a cultural context, generalizations are dangerous (even though they might be some ...

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