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    Perceptions and Stereotyping

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    Please help with a good example of stereotyping that you have witnessed or have personally experienced. Present the event and explain why the stereotyping was wrong or hurtful.

    For example:
    After interviewing a male nurse with the Director of Nursing, the staff development nurse asked "So what do you think?" The Director of Nursing said "Let's hire him, this way no one can say we do not hire gays."
    The perception is that he is gay just because he is a male nurse. As a leader there is no way after a short meeting you can determine this fact. The statement is wrong in so many ways and is very illegal.

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    According to Robbins (1998), stereotyping is judging someone on the basis of one's perception of the group to which that person belongs. An example cited by Robbins is the statement of a known personality who was conversing with Ernest Hemingway which says, "The very rich are very different from you and me". This statement is a generalization of the characteristic of a person on the basis of wealth. According to Robbins, Hemingway refuted this by replying, "Yes, they have more money".

    A personal experience of ...

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