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Multicultural counselling and interventions

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In this mission, you had the opportunity to explore two communities in Riverbend City. Select one of the settings and describe the issue at hand and the various people involved.
- What groups are represented and how does membership in those groups affect the characters?
- How would a human services professional address health and welfare issues with members of these groups?
- What would the human services professional need to consider when creating programs within this community?

Support your post with appropriately cited APA references to the readings and other relevant resources

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As you have not indicated which scenario you choose for this assignment, I will choose one and guide you with an outline on how you may wish to proceed for your questions:

Lonlgey-Somali Community- dealing with PTSD

i) The group represented were Somali refugees , membership to this group is based on their shared experience of tragedy and chaos as they fled war in their country. Further membership is based upon their country of origin.

ii) Human service professional would need to address several health and welfare issues in this community.
1) PTSD symptoms :With regards specifically to Liban's and Dalmar's story about his cousin who went "crazy"- breaking dishes and experiencing anxiety-violent behavior as a result of all he ...

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This solution discusses a case study about Somali refugees and how mental health professionals provide culturally appropriate interventions