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Using the Big Five personality factors at Oracle

Using the attached, tell how Using the Big Five personality factors, describe Larry Ellison at Oracle Computers personally characteristics and how they affect others.
Needs to be APA format and 500 words.
The big five personality factors are:
1. Emotional stability
2. Agreeableness
3. Extraversion
5. Openness


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The big five personality factors and Oracle's Larry Ellison:

1. Emotional stability - This refers to the level of calmness and tranquility (Rentfrow, 2009).
Larry Ellison is not known to be calm and tranquil. In fact he believes in a Zen proverb that "your garden is never complete until there is nothing left to take out of it".
His state of mind is not dominated by tranquility. In fact, he manifests the opposite. He is "not satisfied until there is no more business to take away from competitors". He is known for his "corporate ruthlessness". His behavior is rooted in his childhood experiences with his father. He grew up in a family environment of discouragement and disdain. He was an adopted son. During his childhood years, his father "tried to lower his self-esteem, telling him that he would never amount to anything". This dissuasion allowed him to succeed. The experience developed in him the "disdain for failure and obsession with ...

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This is a discussion on how personality characteristics affect work environment at Oracle in the light of the the five personality factors of emotional stability, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness.