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Personality Development: 5 traits theory - brief primer

Back in the 1970â??s two research teams (Paul Costa and Robert McCrae
(National Institutes of Health), and Warren Norman ( University of
Michigan)/Lewis Goldberg ( University of Oregon)) discovered that most
human personality traits can be boiled down to five broad dimensions of
personality, regardless of language or culture. The â??Big Fiveâ?? as they
became known areâ?¦
â?¢ Extroversion
â?¢ Openness
â?¢ Agreeableness
â?¢ Conscientiousness
â?¢ Neuroticism

1) Is the Big 5 good at explaining oneâ??s personality? Why or
Why not?

2) Based upon personality psychology,does the Big 5 miss any essential factors of personality? If so, what?

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Big 5 traits theory is important to the studying of personality theories, because other major personality theories which have focused on a variety of factors such as genetics, environment and the personal nature as well as the interplay of all of these factors in any combination whereas this theory focuses on the presence of the outlined five factors.
Since each ...

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Personality Development: 5 traits theory - brief primer