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Impact of Organizational Culture

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How does organizational culture impact individual values,motivation and or job satisfaction?

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1. How does organizational culture impact individual values, motivation and or job satisfaction?

This is a complex relationship.

Corporate culture is referred to as the personality of the organization and it can be looked at as a system. Inputs include feedback from, e.g., society, professions, leaders, laws, stories, heroes, values on competition or service, etc. The process is based on our assumptions, values and norms, e.g., employees values on commitment, money, time, facilities, space and people. Outputs or effects of our culture are, e.g., organizational behaviors, technologies, strategies, image, products, services, appearance, etc. (McNamara, 2000, http://managementhelp.org/org_thry/culture/culture.htm). These cultural effects are the types of things that impact motivation and/or job satisfaction. Individual values become part of the organizational culture; however effective leadership can tap into the grape vein and influence the culture by aligning it with the organizational goals and to work as a team to this end by promoting the team approach working towards the mission and objectives of the organization. This increases organization commitment, which is linked to higher levels of reported employee motivation and job satisfaction.

Research supports this complex link between culture, values, ...

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Explanation of how organizational culture impacts individual values, motivation and or job satisfaction.

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