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    Motivational research proposal

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    Create a research proposal, given what you know about motivation FROM your research that explores a hypothesis that needs to be examined and incorporates job attitudes, motivation, organizational stressors, and performance.

    ? Include an introduction, problem statement, research questions and hypotheses (null and alternative), and a research method section.

    ? Discuss why the topic is important to investigate. Why is the hypothesis warranted, based on the literature?

    ? Identify and justify the participants, materials, study design, and procedures in the research method section.

    o For further information on how to structure a research paper, refer to research articles in the University Library and the APA manual.

    ? A large part of your assignment is graded based on how well the problem is defined and how important the topic is to I/O psychology.

    Include a minimum of six sources from the past 5 years, one of which may be a course text.

    Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

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    Research Proposal on Motivation

    Table of Contents
    Research Title 3
    Introduction 3
    Problem Statement 3
    Research question 4
    Justification of the Study 4
    Research Objectives 4
    Research Hypothesis 5
    Literature Review 5
    Case study analysis 7
    Research Methodology 8
    Findings and Data analysis 8
    Possible Source of Information 8
    Schedule of the research 8
    References 9

    Research Title
    "To evaluate the role of motivation for mitigating different stress factors associated with employees to enhance their job attitude and performance: a case of Marks and Spencer".
    To increase performance of individual and organization, motivation plays a fundamental role. With the help of using motivational tools and techniques, stress level among the employees is also mitigated by the firm into positive direction that is a beneficial point for the firm in terms of supporting growth and success into positive direction (Sandalgaard, Bukh & Poulsen, 2011). So, in this research proposal, role of motivational factors to mitigate stress and enhance performance and job attitude of the employees will be highlighted.
    Problem Statement
    In the competitive marketplace, to compete in the marketplace has become tough for the firms without enhancing performance of the organization as well as individual. At the same time, in the marketplace, to enhance performance it is important for the firms to minimize stress level at the workplace. For this, different tools and techniques are incorporated by the firms at the time of developing or formulating strategies. So, motivational tools and techniques are also adopted by different firms to motivate their employees towards better performance and positive job attitude. It also helps the firms to minimize or mitigate stress factors from the workplace to support growth and success of the firm. So, it is important for the firms to assess or evaluate role of motivational factors to mitigate stress factors and enhance performance and job attitude of the employees. Due to all these aspects, this research topic is selected.
    Research question
    "What is the role of motivational factors to mitigate stress factors and enhance performance and job attitude of the employees"?
    Justification of the Study
    To run the business successfully in the competitive market, it is important for the organization to minimize stress level among the employees to increase their positive attitude towards the job. At the same time, high performance is also a supportive tool of the firms to stay in the market at a good position. So, for attaining these objectives, it is important for the companies to adopt effective tools and techniques. In this, motivational factors have an important place to motivate employees towards better performance and job attitude (Soo, Ali & Shamsudin, 2011). So, to assess the role of motivation in attaining goals of the organization, this topic is selected for the research. It will be beneficial for individual and organizational level.
    Research Objectives
     To evaluate the role of motivational factors in mitigating different stress factors
     To analyze the role of motivation to enhance performance at the workplace
     To assess impact of motivation on job attitude of the employees
    Research Hypothesis
    "Whether motivation can mitigate stress ...

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