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Application of psychology with social media

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Read: Barak, A. (1999). Psychological applications on the Internet: A discipline on the threshold of a new millennium. Applied and Preventative Psychology,8, p.231-246

Using a similar format as Barak (1999) did to review ten types of psychological applications on the Internet. Identify and discuss an application of psychology with social media. Be sure to state the advantages and the disadvantages, including any potential ethical issues that might apply. Include the special APA ethical standard(s) in your response.

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The following posting helps apply psychology with social media.

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The face of psychology has changed tremendously in terms of delivery and methodology. The utilization of cyberspace in the improvement of the individual psyche is a reality that I would have never thought would have gone cyber. The process of psychological and social facilitation is so intense and hands on. I am persuaded that the perfect implementation of cyber-psychology is definitely a work in progress, and only a work in progress. This area is only an emerging area of study and consideration. Only a handful of universities around the world offers a course in the said area of exploration. However, the amount or peer reviewed ...

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