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    Observation method in qualitative study

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    I have chosen to conduct an ethnographic study of the of border dwellers.

    1. Recommend data collection and data management techniques appropriate for your qualitative research plan.
    - Remember, you are not expected to collect data for the qualitative research plan, only to plan out what could be

    2. Explain how NVivo could be used to assist with data organization and management.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank youf or using Brainmass. Forensic psychology is the application of psychology to issues relating to the justice system (i.e. the courts and the law). Border dwellers are people, as individuals or part of a larger community who inhabit areas close to, or straddling particular borders. This means that you need to narrow down your focus in relation to forensic psychology - what particular element do you want to focus on? Certain individuals living in these zones are often subject to the temptation of engaging in illegal activities in relation to smuggling - from people to contraband. I suggest you focus on this particular topic. This outline should fit:

    1. Introduction - what your paper is about
    2. Research Design
    3. Data Collection and Data Management
    4. An ethnographic approach - explain your approach as a qualitative approach
    5. Applying NVivo

    You can use the listed resources to further explore to topic. All the best with your studies.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    In my study of forensic psychology, one of the challenges I faced is in the utilization of a qualitative approach like ethnography in terms of investigating a forensic psychology topic. I feel that ethnography would allow forensic psychologists a detailed exploration of certain phenomenon wherein what is important is the quality of the human experience, from the perspectives of those witness to, subject to, as well as agents of a particular phenomenon. One of these topics is the question of the border dwellers and the temptation posed on them by the rewards of illegal trade ...

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