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Questions on Research Methods

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1. The research question "What is the meaning of the lived experience?" is used in:
A. Ethnography
B. Phenomenology

2. Data collection for phenomenological research is done through:
A. Questionnaires
B. Interviews and observation methods

3. A process whereby data are analyzed by comparing data with other data as they are acquired during research is called constant comparative analysis. This method is used in:
A. Grounded theory research
B. Historical research

4. The qualitative approach that considers an idea or issue from all perspectives through an extensive exploration of the literature is called:
A. Philosophical inquiry
B. Quantitative analysis

5. The approach of understanding the 'natives' view of their world as an outsider is called:
A. Emic
B. Etic

6. Parse and Watson used what type of method for their qualitative analysis?
A. Ethnography
B. Phenomenology

7. The outcome of grounded theory method is to arrive at theory.
A. True
B. False

8. Which research method compiles data and facts regarding people, events and occurrences of the past?
A. Historical
B. Ethnographic

9. People who have special knowledge about a culture and are willing to share with an ethnographer are called:
A. Informants
B. Participant/observers

10. The process of identifying meaning of human experiences through intensive discussion with persons who are living the experience is called:
A. Case study research
B. Phenomenological research

11. Phenomenological research may investigation "being in time."
A. True B. False

12. Quantitative research uses
A. Inductive reasoning
B. Deductive reasoning

13. Qualitative research uses
A. Inductive reasoning
B. Deductive reasoning

14. A typical number of participants in a qualitative study is:
A. Large
B. Small

15. Which method of research focuses on descriptions of cultural groups?
A. Ethnography
B. Case study

16. An investigation of a phenomenon by a few participants to discover meaning is called:
A. Phenomenology
B. Philosophical Inquiry

17. Phenomenology has its philosophical basis in:
A. Science
B. Philosophy

18. Ethnography has its foundation in:
A. History
B. Anthropology

19.Grounded theory has its base in:
A. Symbolic Interaction theory
B. Heideggarian theory

20. List three reasons why qualitative research is suited for health care and human experience.