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Research methodology

Where can I find information on research methodologies: Observational Research, Correlational Research, or Experimental Research? Describe the components, process, strengths and weaknesses of that research methodology?

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Research begins with questions and leads to strategies as to how to answer those questions. Thus, questions are developed to answer the questions through a workable hypothesis. A hypothesis is a testable prediction about the outcome or relationship between variables (factors that you intend to measure such as behavior). For instance, psychologists use the scientific (empirical or observation) approach to find objective evidence that will support or refute the hypothesis.

(a) Correlational research- measures the relationship between two or more variables. This statistical method is concerned with how variables ...

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Information is provided on various types of research methods. The process,, strength and weakness in each method is described. Sources are provided on researching and teaching methods of research in the social sciences.