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Distinguishes qualitative research methods

What distinguishes qualitative research methods from those categorized as quantitative methods? What types of questions can qualitative research address that cannot be addressed by quantitative research?

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I will start with quantitative methods. These are firstly given to a large sample of people. It would perhaps consist of a questionnaire where the people are asked their general opinion on a phenomena. The questions might be a mix of pure numerical questions; open ended questions; rating questions... There might be several questions in the questionnaire that are not very specific in nature. The questionnaire is used as a tool to gather general information.

The survey might be administered via email, or phone, or even sent in the mail for people to fill out at their convenience.

The data collected is often analyzed using various statistical tools and techniques, and then the ...

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The solution distinguishes qualitative research methods. The types of questions that can qualitative research is given.