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Causes and consequences of Acquisition

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Suppose you wish to carry out an investigation into causes and consequences of acquisitions activities with a view to focus on a particular research question of interest.

For this purpose you are asked to prepare a report outlining and justifying fully how you intend to carry out this investigation.

Your report should include:

1.A brief review of relevant academic literature including strategic management issues to arrive at a research question;

2. Explanation and justification of the methodology to be used, methods of data collection including questionnaire( if relevant), types of data to be used, including qualitative and/or quantitative data, an explanation of methods of data analysis, ethical issues to be observed and limitations of your research.

Your report should focus on the two elements outlined above and the following are essentials areas.

(a) Focused research question

(b) Appropriate methodology

(c) Appropriate data collection methods

(d) Appropriate depth of Analysis

(e) Appropriate conclusion

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//Every research is based on a question. Without forming a research question, we can not move further. As per the instruction, as well as necessity, we will make a 'Research Question' for the research study. //

Research Question:

What are the factors which lead to acquisition and the results?

The main advantage of this research study is to increase an understanding among the business associates, employees and common people about the factors which lead to acquisition. The effect of acquisition and their impact on the business industry, economic level etc are also discussed in this research analysis.

//After deciding the research question, we have made a research objective. Research objective gives a direction to the research. We will move further towards the second stage of research and conduct the 'Literature Review'. It is an important part of the research study. //

Literature Review

In order to accomplish the research, an in-depth analysis of the factors leading to acquisition is done. Acquisition is also referred to as 'takeover' that is buying of a small industry by a big industry. This acquisition may be in the form of mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations, takeovers, absorption, consolidation, and so on. These days various companies there are various cases of mergers done with an objective to achieve the growth in an organization (Reed & Lajoux, 1998).

In order to examine about the factors leading to acquisition, various decisions and the effect of acquisition on the business and economy are discussed. It was found that the information gathered through the research is reliable and valid as they are based on the real events and on-going activities. Thus, with the help of research analysis various factors and relevant information is presented to assist the readers in a right direction.

// Literature Review provides an insight to the research study. Methodology is necessary for every research study. There are many research methodologies. So as per the direction, we will discuss 'Research Methodology'.//


To know about the parameters associated with acquisition, the researcher has created a particular methodology ...

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