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Annexation of Texas - pros and cons

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One of the greatest long-term trends of the history of the United States concerns territorial expansion. United Statesâ?? territorial expansion profoundly influenced its history.

â?¢answer the following questions as they relate to territorial expansion of the Texas Annexation: 1845

â?¢How did the U.S. acquire the territory in question?
â?¢What were the short-term consequences of the acquisition of this particular territory?
â?¢What were the long-term consequences of the acquisition of this particular territory?

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There had been a long history of raiding across the border, usually to the detriment of the U.S. inhabitants. Certain figures within the U.S. governent (Some of the European powers recognized it as well) felt that the U.S. was entitiled to the territory. Of course the Mexicans felt they were entitled to the area as well. President Polk convinced congress to annex the Texas territory and sent Zachary Taylor to post troops along the Rio Grande.

The short term consquence of the annexation was the war with mexico ...

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This piece seals with the Annexation of Texas and discusses long short term and long term consequences of the action. Issues such as the War with Mexico, and the proliferation of slavery are also touched upon in the discussion of territorial expansion.

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