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    5th grade level state project research on Texas

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    What is Texas's early history (before it became a state)?
    Where did people come from to settle there? Why did they come?
    What year did it become a state? How/why did it become a state?

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    What is Texas's early history (before it became a state)?
    Before Texas became a state, it was part of Mexico, which became independent from Spain in 1820. In 1833, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna won control of Mexico and eventually dissolved the constitution. Two years later, the Texas Revolution began, resulting in independence in 1836. For the next nine years, Texas ...

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    This 360-word solution is for an elementary school state project on the history of Texas. The student's questions pertain to early (pre-statehood) Texas history, why people settled Texas and their places of origin, and why and how it became a state.