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    Aug 2016
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    • PhD, University of Louisville, 2016
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    • Art, Music, and Creative Writing
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    Early Middle Ages incorporate both pagan and Christian styles

    This solution answers the question of how art from the early Middle Ages incorporates both pagan and Christian styles, using the hoard from the Sutton Hoo burial mound as a specific example. Because the student specified a Year 1 study level, the solution is framed as a beginner's approach, 1.) expl READ MORE »

    Art, Music, and Creative Writing / Art History / Ancient and Medieval Art » 626372

    The Golden Age of Ancient Greece and Later Influences

    What significant artistic developments occurred during the "Golden Age" of ancient Greek culture? How did these developments influence later Greek culture and other civilizations beyond the Greek world?

    History / Ancient History / Ancient Greece / Grecian Law, Politics, & Religion » 627567

    What Life was Like for Women in Ancient Greece

    Need for you to look at The British Museum@ ancientgreece.co.uk web site only and write a 300 word dirary of what it would have been like for a woman.

    History / Ancient History / Ancient Greece / Grecian Law, Politics, & Religion » 627202

    how science influenced the Impressionist artists

    This is a solution to the question, "How did science influence Impressionist artists?" Anticipating a level of Year 1 (or possibly Year 2), this solution pairs general scientific historical context with the works of Gustave Caillebotte, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Due to th READ MORE »

    Art, Music, and Creative Writing / Art History / Modern Art » 626404

    A look at why the ancient Romans used the catacombs and whether we use anything similar to the catacombs in the twenty-first century.

    A solution to the following question: "What was the purpose of the Roman catacombs? Do we have anything similar to this in today's society? How so or why not?"

    This solution focuses on cultural practices during the Roman Empire and the catacombs under the city of Rome. When addressing whether s READ MORE »

    History / Ancient History / Roman History / Roman Law, Politics, & Religion » 627620
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