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The Golden Age of Ancient Greece and Later Influences

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What significant artistic developments occurred during the "Golden Age" of ancient Greek culture? How did these developments influence later Greek culture and other civilizations beyond the Greek world?

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This solution answers a question pertaining to artistic developments during the Golden Age of ancient Greece and how those developments influenced later Greek art and later civilizations beyond the Greek world. The solution focuses on sculpture and architecture.

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The "Golden Age" of ancient Greek culture dates from approximately 480 BCE to the beginning of the Peloponnesian War in 431 BCE. In art history, we generally refer to this time as the High Classical period.

Sculpture produced during this time was naturalistic (as opposed to the stylized kouroi of the Archaic period, which preceded the Golden Age), youthful, idealized, and expressionless. Before the fourth century BCE (Late Classical), only male figures were depicted in the nude, as the male body was public and perceived as the epitome of perfection. Contrapposto began to appear in many sculptures of athletes and warriors. Youthful, idealized figures remained into the fourth century BCE, when sculptors like Polykleitos and Lysippos ...

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