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History and continuities of Ancient Greece/Hellenic World.

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What are some examples of life in Ancient Greece or the Hellenic world that can be found in contemporary life in the U. S. today?

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A discussion of the continuities in the way people experienced life in the ancient and contemporary world.

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Keep in mind that most of the mundane things about life have not changed significantly from ancient times except for their setting. I am here speaking of things such as family gatherings and events, weddings, births, holidays, eating meals, etc. The Ancient Greeks generally lived in monogamous family groups much as most modern American Families do today. The dynamics in the modern world are different because modern American society is not a paternalistic as Ancient Greece but the basics of these activities remain the same.

Civic activities are another matter entirely. Here are some examples of activities that occurred with their modern counterparts in bullet format:

1. The Olympics - The modern Olympiad
2. In select city-states Elections with the caveat that the franchise generally only went to property owning males.
3. Markets - ancient markets were very akin to what today we would call farmers markets
4. Trade - especially Athens. The Greeks engaged in trade widely throughout the Mediterranean ...

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