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    Why do you think philosophy started in Greece? What did wate

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    Why do you think philosophy started in Greece? What did water have to do with the origins of philosophy?

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    Thales as the first philosopher

    It is better to say that Western philosophy started in Greece because alongside that, there were philosophies in ancient India, Africa, China, the Middle East, etc. Every group of people that had a lasting culture had a philosophy or philosophies that sustained such cultures. But most of them were unwritten. Indeed the first nominal Western philosopher, Thales, studied geometry, mathematics and astronomy in Egypt and other parts of today's Near East.

    Thales (624-546) was the first known philosopher of the Western world. The reason why he has that title will become clear shortly. But, first, let us note that philosophy did not begin in Greece as we know it today. It started in the Western part of present day Turkey. The area was ...

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    This solution explores the history of the connection between water and philosophy.